The beginning…New iSCSI virtual disks via powershell

To start this all off, I needed to start somewhere.

Well I had bookmarked this blog post and kept pulling it up, however it it was designed for DPM/NTFS and I was using it for Veeam/ReFS. So it was missing some important pieces that I kept needing.
First, since I was using ESXi not Hyper-V, so I needed to expose the virtual disks to iSCSI. So I needed to create multiple disks:

This creates 10 disks of 2TB and a block size of 4K.

Next, since I was trying to organize each new batch of disks, I create a new target for the two ESXi hosts

and don’t forget about mapping those disks you created to the new target.


That is all well and good. It created the disks, and exposed them to the ESXi hosts. Now go into vCenter and tell it to refresh the storage.
Next, go into the VM settings and add the disks to the VM, I did this as RDM disks, but you can format them VMFS then add the VMDK…
Finally, since Veeam can take use of the block clone technology in ReFS I switched from NTFS to ReFS. However Veeam doesn’t like 4KB ReFS, so here is the resulting 64KB ReFS block of Powershell: